I created an Excel file with a growing list of resources for support, including vendor contact info and account information. The file is saved here: N:\SYSTEMS\SUPPORT.xlsx.
There is a print copy in the pink SYSTEMS binder on my desk.

I created an Excel file with all the passwords we need to maintain our services. The Passwords document (similar name to Public Services doc) is saved in the Systems subfolder on the N drive. The first Sheet is for institutional accounts. The second Sheet is for personal accounts I created for myself; you may use these if you have not created your own.
There is a print copy in the pink SYSTEMS binder on my desk.

If you maintain any passwords that could be shared by library staff, all info should be saved on either (or both) the Systems or Public Serv password list. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON YOUR BROWSER TO REMEMBER PASSWORDS. The browser's remember function is helpful, but if your computer should crash or if you were to leave Assumption, we all must have access to your shared library-related passwords.

Also, please use a generic email account (library@, libser@, libcat@, libcirc@, libacq@) for all vendor correspondence and for any username. This way, if you are not around, anyone can log in or use the I Forgot My Password function, which will trigger an email to that generic email account. Please never use your own email account!