• Connect to ACStudent.
  • Enter AC username (firstname.lastname , with NO @assumption.edu!) and password. If firstname.lastname doesn't work, try students\firstname.lastname.
  • This is the same as in the dorms. If configured properly in the dorms, the computer should remember the network and username/password, and it should work here in the Library with no additional configuration.
  • Use this document below for help.

Circulating Laptops (ours):
  • They will connect to the ACStaff network (not ACStudent) automatically. However, the connection is slow. You will see a red X covering the wireless signal right after reboot. Just wait it out; it should connect to ACStaff eventually (2 minutes).
  • If a student jumps the gun and tries to connect to ACStudent on their own, it will not work. Reboot and wait for it to connect to ACStaff automatically.

  • Connect to ACGuest.
  • Each guest must register on the network and receive a 24-hour temporary, personal password.
  • All AC services, including Library services, blocked intentionally. All email problems are also blocked, even with a non-AC email address (e.g., a Hotmail email address within Outlook). VPN is also blocked. Webmail (e.g., Gmail) is not blocked.
    • If someone wants to use Library resources, they must use our public computers.
  • Use documents below for help. Feel free to give copies out to guests for them to keep and use again in the future. Feel free to keep copies at the Ref desk and Circ desk.

  • Connect to ACStaff.
  • Use this document below for help.

  • Use the Wireless STUDENTS and MAC doc, under the Students section above. If you are trying to connect to another network, such as ACStaff, use these instructions along with the Wireless STAFF doc.

  • Follow the same instructions as those for the computer.
  • After entering your username and password, there is an extra security message (a certificate for policymgr2.assumption.campus), which you must Accept.

  • Follow the same instructions as those for the computer.
  • Ignore the field for Anonymous identity. Just enter your username and the password.

  • PC: To change the order of preferred wireless networks (so ACGuest is preferred over ACStaff) OR to remove a network: Click on the Wireless icon in the bottom right of the screen > Open Network and Sharing Center > Manage Wireless Networks > select a network name. Then click Move Up, or Move Down, or Remove.